Patient Testimonials

"I am so happy to review Treehouse Pediatric Therapy. My son was seen by another speech therapist for about a year, until she resigned. Treehouse made the transition to another therapist very smooth for my son. Geralyn is our new therapist, and I have been nothing short of IMPRESSED with her rapport and professionalism with my family. She identified an issue with my son almost immediately,and is going to collaborate with other professionals on how to treat the problem. I am thrilled that Geralyn has come to this clinic, and am looking forward to the progress she makes with my son!”

Nicole I (mom)

Can't say enough wonderful things about the staff at Treehouse. From the front end reception, to the warm and thorough therapists, it's been a great experience for our family. Our son attends speech and occupational therapy and has been making progress in many areas of delay, thanks to the hard work put in by our lovely OT.

Additionally, I am very impressed with the knowledgeable and flexible reception staff. They are always working with us to meet schedule needs and are will go the extra mile to make it work.

It's a fun environment for my son, and he's always enthusiastic about visiting his therapists there - and this is a kid who can be very stubborn and dig his feet in when he needs to go anywhere with me.

The waiting area is nice and also stimulating for my toddler, so it's no problem to have other siblings come along - they'll be well occupied by the toys, puzzles, games, books, blocks etc that are at the front.

I have already recommended them to friends who've got kids that might need help and I recommend them to anyone considering some therapy for their kids.

Tara O (mom)

"We didn't know when we walked through the doors at Treehouse, that our lives would be forever changed for the better. Our pediatrician suggested we go there, as my son was 4.5 yrs old and could not go #2 in the toilet. As his mother, I had a feeling of helplessness and pure desperation that would consume me at times. We had tried EVERYTHING! After meeting the first time with Iymen, I could finally breath. I wasn't alone, there was help for my son and with her help, we could do it! And we did.

Iymen was so sweet and gentle with my son, yet she commanded the room and certainly won the heart and respect of my son in no time. He was extremely stubborn, and she managed to work through that and get him to do what he needed to do. Iymen also helped me, as the parent, by providing me with a clear understanding of his diagnosis. She was very detailed, organized, professional and all-in-all a truly amazing person.

Our lives did change for the better. Not only because Iymen helped my son to be able to do what seemed like the impossible for him, but she restored my faith as a parent that there are good people who are there to help parents, as I am just not capable and trained to do it all. And why should I when there are people like Iymen in the world who can transform a child's life with training and love."

Denyse G.

"My son receives both physical and speech therapy at Treehouse. We are impressed by the progress he has made in both areas, and believe that it is directly a result of the caring and positive relationship the therapists developed with my son from day one.

While the therapy is of course the primary concern, I recommend it for many other reasons.

1) I bring my younger daughter along to the twice weekly appointments. The comfortable waiting room is stocked with toys, puzzles, coloring books etc... which keeps her entertained. Siblings are treated with amazing respect. The therapists always greet both my kids and ask them about their day even though only one receives therapy. The welcoming environment for the whole family is remarkable. I see it with every family that enters the practice.

2) They are extremely good with scheduling. They are always looking out for what works best for your time frame, and they have later appts. to accommodate your work schedule.

3) The therapy rooms are bright and welcoming. The fact that they have an actual treehouse to climb up and do physical therapy in makes the PT appts. even more exciting.

4) It really is one of those places where you begin to feel like an extension of the Treehouse family right away. From the secretary, to the business owners, to the therapists, all of these wonderful people are your advocates and cheerleaders. They give you solid and useful home activities, and listen to and find solutions to any concerns you have. You will feel "at home" in the Treehouse! "

Emily H.

"In the event that one of your kids needs physical therapy, I cannot recommend Treehouse Pediatric Therapy enough. The facility is amazing; clean, spacious, and completely geared toward kids. Each room looks like a playground, and my inner-child thinks this would be an amazing place to play.

The staff is also phenomenal. They are kind and caring. It is refreshing to find people who care so much and so deeply for others in this day and age. I can honestly say I have never experienced such warmth and genuine concern from any doctor, anywhere. The staff are also very experienced and knowledgeable. My daughter showed tremendous improvement within a couple of weeks. I cannot speak highly enough of this group.

You will enjoy your experience at Treehouse Pediatric Therapy so much, you will forget why you are there and feel like you are with friends."

Melissa K.

"This is a great practice. Our son has been going for weekly sessions of Speech Therapy at TPT for close to seven months now. We couldn't be happier with the progress we are witnessing.

The therapists have been wonderful and hardworking. The front office is very courteous and well organized. Our two-year-old's specific therapist, Katy, has been instrumental in getting him to where he needs to be in terms of his development. And our son clearly has become attached to her. He gets excited each week when its time for his session.

Katy is a genuinely caring and kind therapist who clearly views the work that she does as more than just a job. She has given our son a sense of confidence in how he communicates. And we, and he, couldn't be happier."

- Khurram M

"Treehouse Pediatric is a wonderful place! Both of our sons see Katy Blattner, the speech pathologist there and she is terrific. Both boys have made progress in a short time and are always excited to go. She makes it fun for them and still has them work hard. She always sends home great activities for us to work on and offers a lot of great suggestions. The entire staff there is very professional and friendly. The building is brand new and beautiful! There are lots of activities in the waiting room to keep siblings entertained, we actually have a lot of fun when we go. I would highly recommend Treehouse Pediatric to anyone!"

- Katie N.

"When my son was diagnosed with Torticollis, I knew I wanted the best possible care for him. As a physical therapist myself, I knew what to look for in a potential clinician, and I found it with Iymen. Her experience and expertise go above and beyond. My son has thrived ever since working with her. Thank you!"

Malini D

"Our 3 month old was diagnosed with Torticollis. As a physician myself, I wanted the best available care. Iymen was able to calm our parental concerns and educate us along the way as she helped my son to complete recovery. Iymen was very knowledgeable. She listened to our questions and explained her treatment plans. She was gentle with our child and we believe that she genuinely cared about his well-being."

Dr. Michael S

"This social group has helped my son learn how to interact in a socially acceptable manner when in a group setting with other children. This has been a great way for him to make new friends in a fun environment while also learning the importance of taking turns, sharing, using manners, and participating in a non-disruptive way. This has really been a wonderful experience for him and he looks forward to every group session."

Jackie E

"Iymen has made a once dreaded physical therapy appointment on my son’s calendar into a pleasant experience filled with hard work and laughter."