Pediatric Occupational Therapy Screening Tool (“Red Flags”)

for children 3 and above

Possible Signs of Sensory Integration Dysfunction (At any age)

Avoids touching or being touching (especially if unexpected), dislikes getting dirty.
Displays upsets with daily routine tasks such as dressing, bathing, washing hair, cutting nails, etc.
Picky eater
Easily Distracted/poor attention
Inability to unwind or calm self down
Clumsy or uncoordinated
Excessive drooling or mouthing nonfood objects
Walks on toes
Activity level that is unusually high or low

Possible Signs of Fine Motor/ Visual Motor Delay

3 years: copies a vertical, horizontal line and circle
3 years: cut a 6” piece of paper
4 years: copies a cross, square
4 years:  Draw a person with head and between 4-6 features
4 years: cut a circle
3-4 years: Static tripod grasp position
5 years: copies “X”, triangle
5 years:  Draw a person with head and 8+ features
5 years: cut a square, triangle

Other Areas Occupational Therapist Address

3 years:  Removes pull-down pants, assist with socks, buttons large buttons, puts on mittens
4 years:  Buttons series of 4-5 buttons, dresses self with supervision, puts on shoes
5 years:  Ties knots and unties knots
6 years:  Ties bows, snaps