About Us

Our Philosophy

The focus of Treehouse Pediatric Therapy is to help each individual achieve his or her full potential so that he or she may lead a productive and fulfilling childhood.  We aim to achieve our goal by involving parents, hiring experienced therapists and providing a natural environment for the therapist to work with each patient.

Parent Involvement

We believe a strong bond with the parent is the key aspect to a successful therapy program. We tailor each child’s program to meet his or her individual needs and empower parents so they feel confident in continuing the program in the home.

Experienced Therapists

Treehouse Pediatric Therapy provides the highest quality of care by hiring therapists who are genuinely interested in the success and well-being of children. We empower our therapists to meet each individual child’s needs. Our therapists have a unique experience and skill set and continuously collaborate with one another to achieve the best outcomes for your child.

Natural Environment

We have cultivated a fun, loving and nurturing environment in which children will be motivated to succeed. The clinic is owned and operated by an experienced pediatric therapist and designed in consultation with other colleagues.  This environment differentiates us from the large, informal corporate-owned or hospital-based setting.